Argumentative Essay About Energy Drinks

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People say energy drinks are bad for you that they hurt you I am here to prove them wrong. They have so many good effects that people don’t realize what they can actually do for you. They are made for a purpose of keeping you energized. They offer a great amount of caffeine in healthy forms that will get you through the day, But that is not all they do they help you when lifting heavy things or running. Furthermore they will push you keeping you awake and activating your body reflexes of tighten your muscles to push that weight or tighten your calves quicker to help your sprints. After all they help you in multiple parts of your life they can also help your memory during a test so they are helpful there to keep you awake during the test and help you remember the material that you are try to learn.…show more content…
They aren’t good for you as water but if you drink them responsible and with moderation they aren’t worse than a soda which most of the population drinks at least a can a day and it’s also full of caffeine and sugars. So drink them carefully and find which suit you better some people like red bulls other people like the five hour energy shots. Find which are more helpful to you and don’t drink more than one a day and make sure you drink water too to stay hydrated and not running on just energy. Energy drinks are actually less dangerous than coffee that most people have a cup every day at

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