Argumentative Essay About Fake News

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Do you remember the latest presidential election in US? During a period of election in 2016, a huge number of fake news were produced and two candidates defamed each other about that. Many misinformation was created by fake news sites but quickly shared through social media outlets. Fake news emerged as one of the big issues and the term is become popular from that time on. Donald trump, he is often mentioned in fake news, and he often used the term fake news as well. Actually, he mentioned fake news more than 153 times in 2017. Last year, he said in an interview, “The media is fake. The media is really the word I think one of the greatest of all terms I’ve come up with is fake. I guess other people have used it perhaps over the years, but…show more content…
It is because social media outlets including Facebook shows results of news feed through the algorithm. The results from the algorithms are ranked by the user’s greatest interests. If the fake news is high on the list, it proves that many people approach the data. However, the reason that people are constantly interested in fake news is because fake news continues to emerge and people can easily access it through various…show more content…
A few weeks ago, in my elective class, we covered the subject of fake news. We did small activity just for fun. The professor read the headline of some news and we had to identify whether it was fake or truth. I thought I could easily distinguish between them but I just got 7 out of 15 and even the best score was 11 out of 15. These days, the number of people using social media are constantly increasing. People can not only easily access information but they also can create a post anywhere and at any time. So, information is quickly shared and spread by people. However, people could fall into confusion between correct and incorrect information and be easily manipulated. Also, once rumours are created, it is not disappeared and it could make another rumours. Therefore, social media outlets should be aware of seriousness of fake news and strongly regulate

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