Argumentative Essay On Nutrition Labels

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Throughout my research for my argumentative essay, I have come to a conclusion that labels on foods are confusing for most people, they are not clear enough and they make people second guess what they are buying. This problem has caused people to have real life issues and has caused this world to make some problems even bigger. I want these sources to help me argue that this is a big issue and that there is way to fix it. My research goals are to find sources that will provide the meaning of each words on the labels, discuss what problems these labels cause such as people to ruining their healthy lifestyle, causing people to have trouble finding out if they are allergic to the food, and causing people to waste more food. I also want to find…show more content…
This source has helped my research a lot because the survey they put on this source states how many people want to live a healthier lifestyle but cannot because they have trouble understanding what foods are healthy and what aren 't because they don 't understand what is being said on the nutrition labels. This source also states that these confusing nutrition labels don 't just make it hard for people who are dieting but it also hard for people who have allergies or sensitivity to some types of foods. The nutrition labels don 't state clear enough of what is actually being processed into the food. I also chose this source because it says that ingredients are a major part in how consumers pick their foods. On most food labels the ingredients are so small that most people cannot see what it says. I suggest the ingredients should be a little bigger and definitely put into bold because people have the right to see and to know what is put into the foods they are consuming. This source will be useful to me because it shows in the survey that people do like to understand what is in the foods they buy and serve to their families. It will also help me make it clear that people want to know what is being put into their
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