Argumentative Essay About Free Education

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Education is the way that people try to study the knowledge or skill that they haven't known it yet. Most of the children when they grow up. It's actually that they need to have education, so their parent will decide to choose the best school for their son or daughter. In society has many statuses of people such as poor, the middle class and rich people. It's of course that mostly rich people would have more chance to study, but how about poor people. The government realizes how important of education, so government gives an opportunity for poor people to have a free education because children are the most important power to develop the country in the future. Then, free education has occurred and supported by government budget and tax from…show more content…
Free education brings the negative effect about learning because it has a large number of student in class. According to Fredrickson (2015), the author of "Bangkok post" Obec secretary Kamol Rodklai has spoken that a small number of understudy people in each class lead to accomplishment to lower the number of the learner for middle school, high school, elementary education and kindergarten class. The restricting number of learner bring more efficient schooling in the future. Moreover, students don't pay attention in class because of study for free. To give you an example, in the Thai community has many statuses of people and Thai government aids for 15 years free cost tuition to all Thai children. Poorest children actually they have to choose free education, and they focus on studying. Some the intermediate class learner and rich learner select the free learning and they think they have money, and they study in free school also. If they fail the test, they no need to pay for school fee, so they don't see the value of free course and get the knowledge, due to they don't concentrate on study. In short, the free price for studying can affect to a low standard of schooling if we don't aware to class size and limit the specific feature for the student who can enter for the free learning
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