Argumentative Essay About Ghost Real

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Have you ever heard strange echoes or seen dark silhouettes pass by? If you have, you may have thought it was just your imagination or maybe just your pet running by. Although you may have thought that it was something else, what if it was a spirit? We all have heard of ghost, spirits, and specters. They are everywhere in the media. There are movies, tv shows, and haunted attractions. Many people can probably name at least 3 ghost movies or tv shows. However, here 's the question, are ghost real? As we all know ghost are everywhere in the media. However, where did the belief of ghost first start. Ghost have been around for centuries. Some of the earliest beliefs were Mesopotamian religions. They believed that ghosts were created when someone died and when they died they were taken to the netherworld and given a job much like the living.…show more content…
The Penitentiary was the most expensive and famous prison. It was built in 1829 and closed in 1970, but opened for a brief year when a riot broke out in a nearby prison. The Penitentiary was known for its grand architecture and its strict discipline. The Penitentiary was designed to enforce regret and penitence. It used a system of solitary confinement where inmates did everything in their cell. The doors of the cell were made of heavy wood to keep inmates from contacting one another. There are many reported ghost sighting and hauntings in Eastern State. Cell block 12 is known for echoing voices. Cell doors have been reported to open by themselves in cell block 12. Cell block 6 is known for shadowy figures, which tourist has seen. In cell block 4 people have seen ghostly faces. One man, who helped maintain the prison, said that he went into cell block 4 and a force grabbed him. He said he was unable to move and he described a horrible negative energy. He also said he saw tormented faces on the wall. In cell block 8 a man murdered his own cell mate with a pair of

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