Anti Graffiti Essay

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Some types of graffiti writing should be considered as art and not vandalism
Graffiti is one of the most controversial issues existing in our society. According to, the Philippine government spends around 5,000,000 pesos to 8,000,000 pesos every year because of graffiti writing. It’s the reason why some people, property owner or policemen consider graffiti as a nuisance. There is validity on both side of the argument. Graffiti writing is a relatively new and developing art form that presets a lot of controversy due to its ways of doing it or its location or its involvement to illegal issues. This research paper shall persuade people to accept graffiti writing as a modern art and not vandalism by answering the following questions:
1. What is graffiti writing?
2. What are the types of graffiti writing?
3. What is art and its difference to vandalism?
4. What type of graffiti writing should we consider as art and why? The objective of this research paper is to prove that some types of
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It was like writing “wash me” on a dusty car, but on a larger scale. This style is developed by New York City artist with the help of the Xbox Company and has been used by them for advertising purposes ever since (Grody, 2007).

• Laser tagging – Laser Tag is showcased in the movie Step Up: Revolution. The originator of this kind of graffiti art is an art group that has a technological way of means of “urban communication” called the Graffiti Research Lab. They write on the side of huge buildings with the use of a high-tech laser and a high-power project. This technique has also caught the eye of many advertisers but the Lab remains anti-commercial (Sanchez, N.).

What is art and its difference to
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