Argumentative Essay: Is Killing Animals Right Or Wrong?

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Have you ever heard the news about killing animals? What do you think about it? Is it good or is not? It is a great argument about killing animal which is a right solution or it is a wrong solution to animals. Some people think it is cruel to judge others life and it is not correct but some people think it is a good reason to kill them. However, killing animals is valid or not valid. It has both advantages and drawbacks which depend on the objective of killing. Humans do not kill animals just for fun or hunting it for collection but they decide to kill animals for many purposes. Although it seems to be heartless, it would be appropriate for do it. First of all, there are many cases that animals were allowed to kill by their owner when it gets serious injury or…show more content…
No one can deny that never consume meat. Humans have hunted and slaughtered animals for consumption since in the past. The reasons that human consumes animals is because they provide necessary protein for health and body. As Araki point out that “meat contains vitamins and minerals that aid in muscle growth and meat protein provides all of the essential amino acids human bodies need.” (Araki, k, 2014) Nevertheless, it does not mean that humans are brutal, killing animals for this purpose is acceptable even if it is not correct in the way of morality. The last reason, people kill animals to balance the ecosystem. According to Gray points out that, it the event that the number of unwanted pets tends to higher than the number of adopters and shelters. The authorities have to decide to euthanize them”. (Gray, A, 2015) Killing animal can help the world controlling the population. Imagine that if we stop killing animals for many factors then there will be many animals roaming around. It leads to problems and chaos. For example, there were cows walking around in a city and around the road, it would make a much mess

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