Argumentative Essay About Living On Mars

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Hopefully NASA will soon figure out a safe way to send Astronauts to Mars with the ability to sustain themselves with very little help from off planet sources. There are many reasons that humans cannot simply live on Mars. Just a few reasons are food, air, water, gravity, radiation, and weather. Even though there are all of these problems NASA says that they are close to solving all of these problems which is why Jennifer L. Holm has written two articles about living on Mars. Mrs. Holm draws on scientific information for her article “Follow the Water” which is a story about living on mars.
Food, air and water are huge problems, especially since Earth is the only planet that humans can breathe on and that has potable water. Since most food would
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Since Mars is so close to the sun and has little atmosphere, solar radiation can give a person skin cancer if they have little protection. Nights on Mars are in the Sub-Zero temperatures at an average temperature of -81º and about 70º during the day. Dust storms on Mars can be fatal blowing different size particles everywhere, including vents and air filters with fast powerful winds.
Gravity and terrain are huge parts of living on mars because of the lack of gravity and the not so much lack of bumpy terrain. There are two spots on mars mentioned in “Follow the Water” that they believe once had water they are called Holden crater and Nirgal Valley. Since Mars is so small its gravity is only one third of Earth's meaning you could jump and never fall back to the planet. Your bones need calcium to stay strong and since there is little food that could be sent with calcium you could start to lose bone mass.
As you can probably tell it would be extremely hard to live on the planet Mars. Mrs. Holm’s article “Follow the Water” uses information about mars to explain the difficulties of living there. Food, Air and water are expensive to send to mars, weather and radiation can’t be stopped completely and gravity and terrain can’t be manipulated easily these are the hardest parts about living on mars. I guess you could say that astronauts that live on mars are considered
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