Argumentative Essay About Love

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Love is Something we should but don’t fear or prepare for. A version of hell or heaven. Love is the one thing that is shown off as amazing or something that everyone will find. Or it is abundantly pushed off as a fairytale ending. love is an obnoxious emotion. Due to the fact love is the one thing that will make you or break you. In the story love song with two goldfish we see the love that has been lost within one.’’But her love 's since gone belly-up. His heart sinks like a fish. He drinks like a stone. Drowns those sorrows,This evidence shows the loss of love.This woman’s love left. Meaning she no longer loves him so he has now picked up the habit of drinking all due to love. This evidence also shows that love has downsides it is not…show more content…
Considering the near destruction of someone. Love can also take us from the tragic moments in our lives. Knowing someone is there for you and able to hold you and comfort you in a despair is a wonderful thought.On the other hand Love could even be the tragic moment in our lives. Multiple people are unaware that being in love can and will withhold you from many things family, self love ,hope, and alone time. Love is almost always behind anger.”. Being loved arouses anxiety, because it threatens long-standing psychological defenses formed early in life in relation to emotional pain and rejection, therefore leaving a person feeling more vulnerable.’’ In this story the author Robert Firestone is making intelligible remarks on how terrible love is and how worse is right alongside with it.’’ Being loved arouses sadness and painful feelings..’’ love awakes a kind of poignant sadness that many people struggle to not feel, That will always be with them no matter what. Weather they miss an old love. Or the love they have no just isn’t enough. A sadness will be within them some way. In other words love has multiple signs that it is not what we want it to be. Love is always too much to handle, it is something that will destroy you in
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