Argumentative Essay About Marriage

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When finding a mate, this is all relevant information so that in the event that we do marry and something goes awry we have a wealth of knowledge of each other and our personalities to limit the possibility of the “D” word (Divorce) even being thought off. With this understanding, we may move in accord, outlining and resolving our differences rather than submitting to divorce. Once the conflict is diffused, we may go continue on our “lovey- dovey” love story making more favorable and economic amends. This maturity demonstrates the benefits of a relationship carefully built on the pillars of understanding, friendship and unconditional love. This maturity as well obviates the need to hire an expensive lawyer to whom we must expose our dirty…show more content…
During the planning phase of the wedding, some go through it a little longer than others, planning every waking second of this entire event and review it with a fine-toothed comb. I ask, if we can be this meticulous about planning one day, why can’t we put the same effort to make sure we are choosing the right mate in the first place! Amid this joyous occasion; we are happily in love and excited with our significant other. Despite the stresses of planning for the major event, we are happy, in love, and ecstatic at the bright future to come up until the blissful day when we are pronounced husband and wife. Now, we say until because a flood of mixed emotions flow in at this time and we are thinking whether we are completely in love with this person, are we making a mistake, do they love you as much as you love them? Whereas, a simple remedy to these doubts could’ve have just been carefully evaluating if this person was truly right for you. But then you see them coming down the aisle and figure, “Hey, I love this person and we are here for a reason. Let’s do it!” Vows are read- through sickness and health, indigence and wealth, till death do us part etc. are read and agreed upon. Some of us go on to live happily ever after and some of us- statistically, a 50/ 50 outcome face divorce and many separate before their one year

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