Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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In recent years there has been a debate on whether or not to legalize marijuana for medical use. People fear that it might be abused by others claiming to need it while those that truly need it, get put on the sidelines. Marijuana can be a hot topic, but with research people can come to understand why it should be legalized for medical use. For example, Amy and Lou Weiss are new marijuana entrepreneurs and they believe that their business can help those in pain. In their article called, “We Got into Medical Marijuana to Help People, Now We’re Under Siege”, in the Washington Post they prompt the idea that medical marijuana is needed to help ease pain, but major flaws such as logical fallacies can make it harder for the reader to comprehend…show more content…
The Weiss talked about the use of opioid and heroin addiction and the deaths related to them. They also included a fact that states, “Medical marijuana have reportedly seen a 25 percent reduction in opioid-related deaths”, which is why Amy and Lou Weiss recommend congress considering legalizing the use of medical marijuana (Weiss). It is unsure of how true their fact might be, but if that is the case maybe legalizing medical marijuana just might be the answer. The bring up of the opioids and heroin was under developed. Why should they bring it up to not go into more detail as to why marijuana is better? Do Amy and Lou Weiss also have some good points that educate the reader on Sessions point of view about marijuana. They state that Sessions says, “Good people do not smoke marijuana” (Amy and Lou Weiss). This would make the reader think that Session believe that bad people smoke. Clearly Sessions is misunderstanding the point as to why people are smoking. The benefit of smoking allows those in pain to ease their pain which is what the Weiss are trying to prove (Amy and Lou Weiss). They state, “Don’t we want the best methods of pain relief for our loved ones” and Sessions should do his own research before jumping to conclusions (Amy and Lou
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