Argumentative Essay About My Father

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My father, god bless his soul, was a good man. He worked long hours, for his job and his family. Selling his soul to one of the biggest companies on our local planet, Sin 's Corp. A humongous retailer of furniture, my father as a small piece cog in the corporate machine worked away. He drove long nights and days selling furniture to the home owning elite on my planet. You see on my planets like many other C-class planets, it is near feudal in how it operates, the only difference is the small amount of land us “peasants” get. Many of us smashed together in super complexes built to house hundreds of lower-high level employees, from your salesman, to private construction worker. My father being a salesman would go out selling furniture to the wealthy. Many times he had a door shut by those who did not care for what he was selling, sometimes he was beat for those who did not care for how…show more content…
The outcome only a little different, unlike most who could hold out till they died of old age, my father was a hopelessly depressed man. Through his effervescent smile my mother and older brother would never have uncovered his pain. He would whisper to us stories at night about men who did great things throughout the stars, building huge corporations, or defeating dangerous beast from un-civilized planets. He fueled our dreams that kept us away from our dark reality, it gave us infinite hope in our own futures. His death was sudden we only found out through the quiet slap of a chair against the ground and a the gentle sway of my father in the air. My mother, weak with grief followed my father, leaving my brother and I to clean up the mess of blood she left when the knife tore through her. A young child of 8 I remember clearly the notes they both left, filled with their disappointments in themselves and in life the hope that they could sleep peacefully knowing we would come out alright without them. They were
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