Argumentative Essay About Netflix

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There isn’t a soul on this earth who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription (or at least access to the Netflix account of their sibling or romantic partner). Even in the most remote regions of the world, where the men must go out to hunt and the women must stay indoors and weave baskets, families surely gather round the iPad in the evening to enjoy another episode of Orange is the New Black or Grace and Frankie. Perhaps I’m exaggerating Netflix’s reach somewhat, but you get my point. Right now, there are literally hundreds of movies and television shows available to watch on Netflix and the streaming giant’s catalogue is growing by the day, if not by the minute. I really try not to judge people based on whether or not they like the shows that I like. I’m a grown man and I acknowledge that everybody has their own personal preferences and they are entitled to indulge them as they see fit. I am aware that the world would be an incredibly dull place to live if everybody liked the same things and there was nobody around to challenge our conventions. That being said, there are certain shows on Netflix that you have to be a complete d-bag to enjoy. Here are 15 of them. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - When Wet Hot…show more content…
The “scientists” leading the show do this by focusing on bizarre events throughout history, while throwing in a little dash of pop culture for good measure. I’m sure they mean well, but the result of their efforts to make education more enjoyable is the loss of any scientific or artistic integrity. A common complaint from critics is that the show is too silly for its own good and that it is impossible to learn anything of note by watching it. Despite this, White Rabbit Project is a favorite of D-bags who have managed to convince themselves that the forced wacky antics of the presenters make for legitimate educational
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