David Wallechinsky North Korea Essay

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Introduction Thesis: David Wallechinsky, a journalist for PARADE, believes that North Korea is not a threat to the U.S. Too Poor soldiers are weak/ underfed ramshackle neighborhoods behind nice ones Keeps are 15+ years old 15 year old unfinished hotel Why is it important? They don 't have enough money to take care of their country as it is, let alone fund a war. Too Oppressed/ Isolated When visiting the couldn 't walk or talk Leader’s pictures everywhere Government controls everything No technology Why? Too undeveloped to harm us. Weak Military Soldiers malnourished Lacks power to attack Defensive not offensive Disabled nuke facilities Disclosed weapon capabilities It seems like everyday we hear news about the growing threat of North Korea. Today, there is major concern and debate as to how we should appease North Korea. However, ten years ago, our thoughts about the country were very different than they are today. In 2007, David Wallechinsky, a journalist for PARADE, spent five days in the country to determine whether or not we should feel threatened by North Korea. Although he does point out some unsettling details about the country, he determines that North…show more content…
He states that the soldiers appear malnourished and that the Jeeps they drive are at least fifteen years old. The North Korean government is so poor that it cannot even afford to take care of the people that protect it. Likewise, the North Koreans cannot maintain their infrastructure. Wallechinsky noticed that behind the nice neighborhoods they were shown, there were neglected slums. Also, there is a hotel in the capital that has been sitting there for fifteen years, unfinished. How could North Korea be a threat to the United States when the cannot even afford to go to war? By explaining the financial state in North Korea, Wallechinsky proves that we should not fear
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