Argumentative Essay About Pennies

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Pennies do have value, pennies are money and they do add up. On the other hand many people believe that the penny is a waste of money, they think that way because the penny costs more to make than it is worth. However, pennies play a vital role in our economy today because if it were not for pennies all prices would be rounded, and what company or business wants to round down on the money they receive. Also pennies are real handy when it comes to charity techniques, because many people do not find much significance in a penny so they give it up without second guessing if they were going to every need it, however to the charity even one penny is much needed because even with only a few from a few people can go a long way. The one cent piece…show more content…
“Students from every grade brought in bags and jars of pennies, and, with everyone 's assistance, they raised over $3000 in one week” (source 3). This is very important because many people do not see the value in the penny, and they feel as though pennies are not worth the trouble of carrying them around. So when asked to donate pennies most people have no problem with giving up those “worthless” coins. Middle school took surveys about the charity, “As Michael Cooper, an eighth grader, said, ‘If you asked for my quarters, I would have said 'no ' because I use them for video games. Pennies don 't really matter much, so I was happy to give them to someone who could use them’” (source three). This is very important because many others said the same thing about easley giving up pennies. It is also important because the penny is not worth much by itself, however when they are given the money adds up quickly helping charity. In conclusion, pennies do have some importance and these importances should be looked over before if at all banning the penny. In conclusion, the importance of pennies all comes down to the personal opinion. So how can the government possibly come up with a solution to the problem with pennies. Like many things there are positives and negatives and whatever the government decides to do with if they will do anything to the penny, not everyone will be happy but it is
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