The Importance Of Plagiarizing Work

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There is always that one person who is constantly copying off of someone’s homework or asking for their homework for the reason that they are too lazy to complete it themselves. What they are performing is plagiarism and it is not tolerable. Plagiarism is when someone copies or uses another person’s work without giving credit to them. Plagiarizing work is similar to people lifting weights and conditioning, but not eating clean. Countless people plagiarize since they forget to finish their work or they wait until the last minute. Some people do not manage their time right, so they have a bunch of assignments for all of their classes which are stressing them out, and they wish to use the simple way out. Others just yearn not to earn a poor grade…show more content…
Writing ideas down before reading the source at all, is a considerable way to avoid copying it. (The Writer’s Handbook “Avoiding Plagiarism”) Try not looking at the source when writing the sentence, so that it does not have the same words or anything similar. Do not forget to cite the sources being used throughout the entire material. Remember to use quotes when using the exact words, and give the original writer credit. (The Writer’s Handbook “Avoiding Plagiarism”). Another marvelous tip is to not utilize numerous direct quotes in the writing. Additionally, remembering which work is others while taking notes is a excellent way to avoid accidentally plagiarizing. (Viper “How to Avoid Plagiarism”). To stop plagiarizing recall to paraphrase, use quotes, and cite the sources.
Applying another person’s work in any way without citing it, is not a crime, but it is an illegal activity. Before people let anyone copy off of them another time or copying someone else’s work they should consider the consequences they can face. Plagiarizing is not going to cause anyone to be proud of people’s work nor will it take them anywhere in life. It can wind up ruining everything they have worked for in their

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