Argumentative Essay About Rap Music

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223 Michaelyn Akgulian/Mrozinsky 7 Rap Music “And I’m from the murder capital, where they murder for my capital” A song lyric from, Kanye West’s and Jay Z’s song ‘Murder for Excellence’. These songs can put up a pretty big controversy. Both sides: rap music is good for younger kids, rap music is bad for younger kids. The people from the sides have strong words on why they are against or for it. And this paper will include something about each side. Facts, statistics and more will be dashed all over the essay to show both arguments to the reader. Hip-hop music is often thought of as a bad influence on today’s younger generations and degrades women. In the first article that I read, Degrading songs hurt women by Elizabeth Ramirez, she found a study from August 2006 in the Pittsburgh Gazette. The…show more content…
A quote from the gazette said “that the more often teens listen to sexually degrading songs-marked by obscenities and stereotypes of women as sex objects and men as sexual predators-the likelier they are to have sex at an early age.” This study proves Ramirez's main idea, in a certain way. Her point was to show to people that rap hurts women or affects women in a negative way. And that gazette shows a fact that women are more likely to have illegal underage sex. And in another article called Rap’s bad reputation by Emory magazine adds onto Ramirez. Gina M. Wingwood, an assistant at a health school, found that teen girls who listen and watch rap music are more likely to hit a teacher and more likely to be arrested. Her statistics show “ teenage girls who listen and watch rap videos frequently-more than fourteen hours a week- were three times more likely to hit a teacher and more than 2.5 times as likely to have been arrested than girls who aren’t such devoted rap fans.” Wingwood’s study shows more surprising facts that show that rap is affecting teen girls in a very awful way. Just because
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