Argumentative Essay About Social Media

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We live in a world of social media, though it can be a good and bad thing, everywhere you look you can see what everyone else is doing in their personal lives.
Social Media apps are taking a huge toll on our personal lives and it’s at great risk that we are filming too much of our lives.
With all the positive that social media brings, it also brings a lot of negative to things most important to you such as, your home, your privacy and your teen’s privacy. Have you ever heard of “insta bragging”? Probably not. “Insta bragging is posting photos or updates on social media while you’re on vacation or out running errands which can make you a target for criminals” says Octavio Blanco. You should be careful about what you post all the time, but especially in the month of August. “It is the peak month for burglary because people are away on vacation…” continues Octavio Blanco. Every year there are thousands
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Pew Research Center says “91% of teens post photos of themselves”, now that might not seem so bad, but get this 71% of teens post what city and state they live in, and the school they go to, 30% even post their phone numbers, and 20% of teens have their profiles set up where it automatically shares your location in their posts. This information is way to personal, and can make it easier for predators to find you. Pew Research also says that older teens are more likely to share more personal info than younger teens, older teens are also more likely to be friends with people they've never met in real life. According to Pew Research Center the typical teen has over 300 Facebook friends, 1000 instagram followers, and 79 twitter followers, and 81% of teens are friends from kids from other schools, and 33% are friends with someone they've never met. so you should be considerate for what you post, and who you're friends
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