Argumentative Essay About Student Loans

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There are crisis going up for student loans and it is making a big impact in the world’s economy as well. However, there are some pretty good reasons student loans are actually good. For instance, student loans can actually pay off college tuition and school fees while in school. It’s a great process which help students get through school without money issues and worrying about how school is going to get paid, that’s were student loans come in. Let’s say that a student wouldn’t be eligible for financial aid and doesn’t have a job to support him or herself for school, that’s also another reason why student loans could be very good for that certain student. The process of getting student loans does take a while and have to have certain credentials to get it but it’s totally worth trying to get. It is heard that student loans can cause a money drought or…show more content…
Student loans can be a risky situation but knowing that certain student can pay the loan back six to eight months after graduation and have that career job in hand. Furthermore, student loans can also provide more education for students across the country. Think about it, the more the government is giving away money for loans to go school is a good way to get students there education for free until they have their career job. In addition, with that career job that student have because going to school will have the money to back the loan with reasonable payments. As a result, there’s a quote that had it right on the dot about student loans. It says, “With so much seemingly free money flooding the system in the form of student loans, anyone with a pulse and a desire to obtain a higher education degree can avail themselves of a loan”(Article: Forgiving Student Loans-paragraph#18) . So there is money out there for certain students to grab to get a good education to work towards for a great
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