Argumentative Essay About Suicide

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Life should be enjoyable and not take your own life just by the opinion of others or by the disaster of the world or by anybody failure you might be experiencing. Self-destruction is the act of ending your death at your hand to escape the pain or suffering from the world. Accordingly, to the organization of the American Foundation of Suicide, suicide becomes the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. We need to be aware of the decisions we are making not only to ourselves but other people like our friends or family. There are opportunities in the world to still live by, and there are local services and programs to help out the teens, adults and even older adults from suicide. Life’s tough, and I know we all advance to negativity and positivity,…show more content…
For teens, they receive the option of seeking help from a therapist or obtain counsel from a trustworthy person. For elderly people, they receive support from therapy as well as someone they trust, and from the specialist in the hospital. Even Universities and Colleges provide programs for people who are thinking of suicide and helping them out for a change of mind. The best support is not insulting the person who wants to commit suicide to not make it worst for example, “The steps of helping out on the case of Emotional Pain is ask questions, keep them safe and become the best example to them and be there meaning listen carefully to their situation”(National Institute of Mental Health). Perhaps, it builds trust and the person and to comfort them to make them feel important and welcomed. It also helps them not to feel lonely, and they feel secure on a one on one talk. There are supportive services for instance, “The local services offers help like a contact hotline, 24-hour Line, 24-hour child and teen hotline, and they advise to calm down your situation”(NIMH). The importance of suicide could be at any time of the day or night, and local services are here to help out and lent a hand to try their best to resolve the situation of the cause of suicide. The therapist provides medication to calm them down and make them realize what they are putting themselves into and to make a change of
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