Persuasive Essay On Summer Camp

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The 2018 summer camp season is right around the corner! Summer camps have been around for so long that is hard to imagine not having them be a part of our children’s lives. There is just something about summer camps that create some of the fondest memories of a childhood. As a parent, if you attended summer camp when you were a child, you likely are aware of the profound positive benefits and values of attending, many of which still matter to you as an adult. Plus, you likely will prefer your own child or children to have an experience similar to yours.
However, not everyone has the experience of attending summer camp, and if that is you, you may not know just how beneficial the experience can be for your child. While summer camps programs have changed over the years and each program being different from the other, many share similar themes. Many summer camps feature a special type of community where children can come together and have an exciting and fun time.
Whether you have experienced summer camp as a child or not, there are still plenty of reasons to send your child or children to summer camp this year. Below, we put together some of the main benefits of enrolling your kids in summer camp.
Benefit #1: Summer camp is fun!
The summertime is supposed to be a fun-filled time, right? We cannot think of
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Camp activities and programs will often take children out of their comfort zone and encourage them to try new things, in addition to exploring and growing their existing interests. While participating in kids summer camp, children will grow as they further develop skills in activities they already have interest in, and they will develop new skills as they try new and exciting activities. Summer camp programs help children develop a strong sense of identity and a better understanding of what they enjoy doing, which can be helpful when choosing a career path in the
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