Argumentative Essay About Syrian Refugees

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As Imelda Marcos once said, “Life is not a matter of place, things or comfort; rather, it concerns the basic human rights of a family, country, justice and human dignity”. Throughout history, Syrian refugees have been persecuted and severely affected by the war. It is evident that they should get a chance to start over in this world. Numerous countries have fought against welcoming the poor refugees into their countries, as they also branded them with names like terrorists and extremists for assuming that they 've been influenced by ISIS radical ideas. While some Muslims have committed fearless crimes before, I believe the rest of the peaceful and loving community should not have to undergo cruel punishment and discrimination. Syrian refugees have been unlucky to go through the trauma that their country had put them through, and they deserve the…show more content…
When entering into another country, the Syrian refugees worry about how they are going to continue their lives in a foreign country. Their worries include being able to overcome the language barrier and finding asylums. It is a constant struggle to call a foreign country “home” for the refugees, especially since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Most countries have only accepted a small number of refugees, if any, every year, thus Syrians feel unwanted everywhere. "I urge all Catholics in the United States and others of good will to express openness and welcome to these refugees, who are escaping desperate situations in order to survive” (Clark pg.1), emphasizing Pope Francis’s quote about aiding the Syrian refugees. As there are thousands of camps set up for refugees to live in, many don 't live in them because they manage to stay wherever seems more convenient for their daily lives. These safe havens include others homes, usually family or friends, parks, street benches, or anywhere else that feels safer to them than the camps. More than half of the
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