Facts About Teen Pregnancy

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In a present day teen pregnancy rate is substantially higher in every country. What do you think about teenage pregnancy? It was really terrible? The topic of teen pregnancy is discussed all the time – in movies, on TV, in the news at school. There are a lot of news, articles and researches about teen pregnancy that show people interest in this popular topic. Becoming a mom when you 're still young is an incredibly hard choice. Imagine a girls who has unwanted pregnant in high school and the years right after, it 's not always easy to tell what the next few months and years will look like, it’s the struggles and challenges they 've faced. They started to think about school, finances, relationships, future plans, and their life, everything…show more content…
Whenever we talk anything about teen moms, people always focus on negatives that they’re more likely to be on lack of experience, low education levels, trouble with finance, etc. In my view, there are interesting benefits that many people overlook. The pregnancy before age is reduce the rate of divorce.” teenagers today have grown up in a culture where television sitcoms dissect the “third date rule” and pop songs talk of true love” (Olivia Gold hill , 2014) Love in college everything is fast not same as the past. We can date with someone that we had known at moment from social network. As we know well that many college couples often rent the apartment or playing house together, cohabitation has become a common pattern among people of the Western world. Nowadays, cohabitation
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