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From the above research analysis, from the side of the transgender themselves, the first question we asked them was if they thought if they can be permanently cured of their transgender qualities. Only half of them were of the mind-set that they could not be permanently cured. It indicates that they think that what they are is curable, at least to a certain extent. Almost a majority of the transgender interviewed believe that their transgender behavior is solely due to the behavior conditioning in their childhood. When we dug deeper, we found that certain incidents or the way they were treated in their childhood led to them discover or adopt their transgender nature. A whopping ninety percent of them felt that being transgender was
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But it is not a reason for their issues to be overlooked. They too are living, breathing human beings. They should not be shunned just because they do not conform to the archaic social perceptions. Times are changing and we as the human race have evolved beyond the limits we ourselves set in the beginning. Particularly regarding the transgender issue, we are only just on the threshold of complete knowledge and understanding. A generation which spurned them and a generation which is willing to understand toe to toe. Discrimination and building up walls has never gone down well in history. The same should not be repeated when it comes to transgender. Being more aware of their plight and at the very least trying to understand their situation goes a long way. This research was undertaken to find out to what extent the public were accepting of transgender and to what extent the transgenderthey feel comfortable and accepted. It shows that people are becoming less judgmental and embracing that people are people no matter their gender. It also points out that this has not fully reached the transgender community and they are still chided by those few who are ill-educated towards the transgender. But there is hope and hope lights the way out of

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