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Kateyn Kistler Ms. Davis College Prep English 1 14 April, 2017 A glimpse into the minority On September 7, 1996, Tupac was on tv, he showed up for Mike Tyson’s fight at MGM Grand Casino. He was happy, celebrating with friends, watching Tyson lead in the fight to “Wrote the Glory” a song he wrote and dedicated to Tyson. However, just hours later at 11:15, everyone that thought it would be a normal day were soon proven wrong. “It was devastating, no matter who you were you felt the sadness and anger of someone who was going on to do so much more than people give him credit for. A young man’s life ended to tragically soon, changing the world forever” (Monti, personal). “Tupac was so much more than a rapper or a gangster, he was an actor, beautiful poet, even a politician. All he wanted to do was to change the world, change people 's…show more content…
The million dollar question is who killed Tupac? Then follows why what was their reason to kill him? “ Well there are many conspiracies; one is that he is not dead it was all faked because of how powerful yet despised he was. Another that his continuous feud with Biggie and Puff Daddy or otherwise known as their gang name “Bad Boys.” Tupac already thought that Biggie set him up the first time he got shot, therefore many believe it was them. Some even suspect the Las Vegas Police Department of having something to do with it”. More recently though, Suge Knight has admitted after 21 years he knows who killed Tupac Shakur” (Monti, personal). Knight’s officially signed affidavit that his Reggie Wright Jr. his head of security at the time and his ex wife Sharitha has been linked to Tupac 's death by LAPD detectives. Though, Knight was the intended target of the shooting, so Wright Jr. and Sharitha could gain control of Death Row Recorders. Suge Knight does second these claims however it is hard to believe because Suge was suspected of Pac’s murder due to his inconsistent testimonies before (Alexis, Suge Knight..killed

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