Argumentative Essay About Weapons On Campus

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With the controversial topic of weapons brought into public light, different aspects on the subject may become universal. Although weapons are generally seen as dangerous and unnecessary to most, others view weapons as a means of lawful defense against everyday dangers. In 2007, there were 32 people killed in the Virginia Tech college shooting. This, although caused by unregulated gun licences, could have been helped by the presence of another weapon as a means of defense and may have lessened the number of casualties during this incident; however, one could also argue that the presence of a gun on campus may make the event of a college shooting more conceivable. Being able to access guns and utilizing them when there is a threat present can cause confusion for the authorities. During the use of a weapon in a crisis you may not be able to aid without the proper training; as a result, you might end up harming the population surrounding you. Although weapons on campus are often seen as threatening, unnecessary, and unwanted, it can also be seen as beneficial, crucial, as well as constitutional. Often weapons on college…show more content…
The ability to attain guns can generate actions and ideas that are homicidal. This, has been proven factual throughout history and present day news. According to Christina Beck who wrote a piece for the Christian Science Monitor, “The NRA and its statehouse allies adhere to the disproved theory that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun, and thus the more firearms carried around, the safer society becomes. … Studies have found a correlation between higher statewide restrictions on access to guns and lower levels of gun violence in those states"(Beck).Not only are guns fatal when put in the wrong hands, but there is evidence that shows that they can be unnecessary. They are unnecessary because without accessible weapons you wouldn't need a gun for
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