Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Burqas

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Argumentative Essay Everyone should be able to dress the way they want. If a woman wants to cover herself then she should have the freedom to do so but with some limits. They should not be able to wear burqas in official building or schools along with metros, airports, and harbors. But everywhere else they should be able to wear what they please. The first reason of my choice or opinion is, women along with men should be free to dress the way they want. Not just because it is a religious thing but if they feel like they should to cover themselves then so be it. Who are we to stop them? Many Muslim women cover themselves to hide from the unwanted advances of men. Others get a feeling of safety while wearing it, it makes them feel safe and secure like they are in a personal bubble isolated from the chaos of the world. I think there should be some limitations on the wearing of the burqas due to safety precautions. To enter an official building they should have to show their face so we can know they are incase something happens. The same reason applies for metros, airports, and harbors. The reason for this is that if someone walks into an official building or airport and commit an act of terror and we can not see who did it because they were covering their face. This does not Todd…show more content…
Once again who are we to say no? Who are we to stop them from their choice or duty? Who are we to think that we are superior and can ban them from their duty to their God while fulfilling our duties to

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