Valentine's Day: The Influence Of The Finger Tattoos

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Let 's start with stating the fact, that the finger tattoos are totally a thing now.
Valentine’s Day often sees couples speaking of love and the everlasting commitment. Some of those lovebirds have decided (for better or worse) that there is no way more awesome to celebrate their love than by showcasing it on each other 's ring fingers with a tattoo.
“An important thing to understand is how permanent that "wedding rings tattoos" are,” said Christopher Loxley, who was married last July to Sarah Johnson in Santa Monica, Calif. For Mr. Loxley, 30, a designer in an advertising agency, and Ms. Loxley, 28, an interior designer, the factors influencing their decision to get inked came down to its lower cost and minimalism. Oh, and also the fact that
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Behati Prinsloo, who is married to Adam Levine, had simply tattooed three dots onto her ring finger.

Other design concepts appear to be intricate works of art, featuring objects like arrows going off in different directions, a heart as a lock and a key, or an outline of the state 's borders, where the couple originally met or fell in love. A comedian Dax Shepard, who 's married to a Hollywood actress Kristen Bell, has a bell-shaped tattoo inside of which are three initials: K, L and D, for Kristen, Dax, and their daughter Lincoln.
Most usually people who opt in for inked-on rings are often looking for an unusual kind of wedding experience to go along with them. “I never wanted to get a traditional wedding,” said Elizabeth Warren Buoford, 29, a music teacher in New Jersey, who married Steven Wallace, 32, a gourmet chef, back in 2012.
She comments that those who prefer the traditional gold ring often get divorced. “We want to get married once and for all,” she said, “and this kind of a symbolism cements that, in our view”
For their ceremony, held in a courthouse in New Jersey, Ms. Buoford and Mr. Wallace bought stand-in rings from a flea market. He got a basic silver band and she got a thick-banded ring with roses on it, silver as
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