Argumentative Essay About Wolves

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Wolves are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on the earth. They have 30% more brain capacity than all dogs. Wolves aren’t at all what they seem in movies like “The Grey.” In “The Grey” wolves hunt and chase humans similar to the shark in the movie “Jaws.” It’s sheer ignorance. Quite the opposite happens in real life, they are usually running from us. Wolves purposely avoid us, but we really don’t know if it’s out of fear or respect. Wolves are very captivating, but the most perplexing yet satisfying topics about them are the mythology, their history, their young, and their pack.

Many myths revolve around wolves. People often think that the picture of them howling at the moon has made us imagine that wolves are terrifying vicious killers. When wolves are near our communities they spark superstition which has caused us to hunt and make some wolf species endangered. Yet another culture, like the original native Americans, think very highly of the wolves.
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As a gift to the wolves, they left some of the meat they got for them. The next myth everyone knows about is that of the werewolf. We’ve seen it in countless movies/books such as twilight series, the city of bones, and many more. The origination of the werewolf could have came from the hallucinogenic reactions to poorly cleaned and stored food. Another theory we know for certain is the confusion of the werewolf with the condition known as
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