Persuasive Essay: Year Around School Vs Traditional School

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Grade 8 Year around school vs Traditional school

I think that year around school is better in academics and responsibilities And show how real life hours works. Research say that there is a real big debate about year around school and traditional school .

Year around school is a school that students go the school for six to nine weeks and get four weeks off . The two to four weeks is to make up for the weeks on summer break . Teachers say that the year around school in better for students. So when the students come back from break there is not one to two months waste on reviewing. Because the session that the
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Because the session that the teacher taught is already in the student's head.The year around schools is also better for students increase into get into collages.

There is also some cons of going to a year around school for students and parents.
It's hard for parents. Because parents will need to find a babysitter and paying large amount of money.Hard for students to interact with their because they are maybe gone all day or half of the day.

Researchers indicates that summer break is a lose on activated brain cells and loss of

education . So how did researchers solve this problem. By doing on students who go to year

around vs. students who go to traditional schools.students were more activated in their learning

process and show move achievement in academic. I think that year around school is better. In academics and responsibilities . And show the ways and hours in life and better collages and chances in life. But I am not agaisnt tradointal sch
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