Argumentative Essay: Adult Time For Adult Crime

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Over past couple of decades juvenile crime as evolved from criminal mischief, vandalism and petty to theft to assault, rape, murder, and over the last few decades an increasing amount of juveniles take part in first degree murder crimes. Thus, the concept of “adult time for adult crime”, charging minors who commit serious crimes as adults, has been a controversial topic. Historically, American society has been treating most juvenile offenses, those under the age of 18, as delinquent acts to be handled in a separate juvenile court system which is designed to punish juvenile offenders and rehabilitate them before they reach adulthood. I am totally agree with that “adult time for adult crime”. Here has several reasons why I agree whit this point.…show more content…
In other areas of law we recognize the differences between children and adults. Children are not permitted the same rights and responsibilities as adults (e.g. voting, smoking, joining the military) because we recognize their inability to make adult decisions. Why don't we recognize the same difference in the criminal law? We don't say, "This is a very important election, so let's let the kids vote". We don't say, "This is a very important war so let's give our children weapons and send them to fight". So why do we say "this case is different and this kid deserves to be treated as an adult and locked away in a prison"? With appropriate treatment most children who commit crimes, even the most violent crimes, can be rehabilitated and become responsible adults. Precisely because their brains are still changing. The prefrontal cortex - which regulates aggression, long range planning, mental flexibility, abstract thinking, and perhaps moral judgment has not yet developed in children. Children are not fully developed, and the brain continues to develop into one’s teenaged years, but at an early age it is understood that killing is

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