Argumentative Essay Against Abortion

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Abortion For many years, people have been fighting for their own rights. Life has been viewed in many different ways. Some people have been raised in a household with different mindsets or some just eventually create their own mindset as time passes by. People have different opinions about the way life should be lived. Sometimes they are so caught up on what we want and don’t even realize that the things we want might bring consequences. The consequences may not occur now but eventually in the future. Some women claim that abortion is an ordinary thing. They have a mindset to get rid of their own child. Maybe the pregnancy was unwanted or accidental. More than half percent of the women that abort their baby have been in some cases where birth control fails. Their thoughts might be not being able to support or take care of their child. They think that once they abort their baby everything will go back to normal and their life will fall back into place just how it was before getting pregnant. They say they are not ready for a baby in many ways like financially and emotionally. As abortion became legalized it protected women rights from deciding whether and when to become a parent. After that right became legal that gave women more thoughts that abortion was something that was absolutely correct on doing. It gave them more confidence to do it. They probably thought it brought them more peace since it was legal. I strongly think legalizing abortion is ignorant. People are
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