Argument Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The history of medical marijuana has been found in Chinese history, which was used in Taiwan for fiber starting more than 10,000 years ago. People of that time, used the seeds of marijuana in the food, and t was natural for them. Later on they found medical properties of the plant. The oldest Chinese surgeon Hua Tua was the first recorded person who used marijuana by mixing it with alcohol, for “anesthesia”. Nowadays in the US society people started to use marijuana for recreational purposes. And it is responding to obvous abuse damages of human health. Whether the use of marijuana for recreational use should be legalized or not is still question that bothers many generation of human society. In my paper, I will be against legalization of marijuana; despite of its usefulness in the medicine I believe that side effects outweigh the benefits. People very easily get addicted to it, it affects people’s mental health and it can be the primary cause of different kind of illnesses.…show more content…
I am going to use this moral theory in my first argument. Recreational use of marijuana shouldn’t be legal because if something is not safe and has harmful and dangerous effects on society, so it shouldn’t be legal. By legalizing marijuana we will give teenagers an easy opportunity to obtain and use t starting n a very early age. Using marijuana can have very bad effects on still developing brain. According to Krstna Lsdaht, the director of bran imaging and neuropsychology lab at university of Wsconsn, Mlwaukee, teenagers’ bran still considered being in a process of critical development. During this stage brain getting a new and very important connections, that are very important for making judgments, thinking critically and remembering things. Basically using even a very small amount of marijuana can change brain development, especially t affects problem solving skills and

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