Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay

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Each person has the right to choose who to love whatever his race, nationality, or religion is, similar to having the right to select the candidate you want to vote for in the political elections, but what about the right to choose who you wish to marry? Lately people are arguing about legalizing same sex marriage and in some countries such as the United States, the law has already been applied in all states since 2015. However, many societies till today are strictly against gay marriage and consider it as a taboo such as Middle Eastern countries and a multiple of examples. Even though same sex marriage is widely supported by many people, it will remain to be an erroneous decision because of several Religious and health reasons.
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It also can lead to physical injuries that are practically never seen in heterosexuals; lesbians also have a higher risk of acquiring an STD when sexually active. Because homosexual sex is unnatural, there is no way to ensure procreation, which is part of what a marriage promotes. Because they are unable to have children, they must resort in either sex with a person of the opposite sex, which contradicts their marriage, or artificial insemination.

If the Catholic Church advocates human rights for persons in same-sex relationships, one may ask why it cannot recognize same-sex unions as constituting marriage. While in common with traditional marriage, same-sex unions may involve love, affectivity, monogamy and lifelong commitment, the two types of unions differ in essential features. The Catholic Church regards marriage as based on the sexual complementarity of woman and man. The marital union is intrinsically ordered towards family development and new life. The Catholic Church embraces the religious and cultural heritage of past millennia that understands that marriage to be pro-creative (which is different

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