Argumentative Essay: America In The Future

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America is a big superpower, a force to be reckoned with, and a corporate country. America is built upon freedom and money just like anywhere else. But with the way I think that were going, that’s the only thing America will be in the future. And the American dollar will be worth less and less, and the economy will crash more and more. Like I said earlier America is a corporate country based upon cash. America is a superpower both military and the future I see America’s military being stronger than ever. It will have the power to do anything. Were pioneers in democracy and led on other countries to be democratic which in all cases is good. But America in my sense of the future since it already is a world power would be dangerous.…show more content…
There are multiple acts that could change the future. No one really knows what the future will be. There could multiple endings like global peace but that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Or America could just end up in a dictatorship but that’s a slim chance. Or we could go to war and be in multiple wars that is if were unfortunate enough for that to happen. I personally think that the world will end itself after even my time, resources will be depleted and we will have to find a substitute of that resource. But other than that the world won’t fall and it will live on but were already teetering on the edge. In the future I see danger everywhere. Isis is a big threat but in the future it’ll be squashed by the U.N. but its other military group’s I’m afraid of rising to power and joining other countries. And the fact that our military is the best in the world and we’ve trained other countries by our standards. The world is getting close to peace but peace will never happen there is always that one person that is sick and twisted. There will always be that one person in every society in every country. One man will always think that he is godlier then another man is so peace isn’t possible between the in the future if I see peace everywhere I see people being held in curfew behind barred
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