Argumentative Essay: America Is Number One?

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America is Number One? As Americans we tend to have this feeling that we are number one compare to the rest of the world. You’ve probably heard Americans say “We’re number one! USA! USA!” Turns out we are number one at something; the United States is number one in mass shootings compare to the rest of the developed world. Go USA right? We seem to be the only developed country that can’t pass legislation to stop these mass shootings. Even though passing legislation that could limit mass shootings seems like a no brainer, it is a large political issue. With special interest groups such as the NRA dumping money into politicians, passing legislation can be hard. Australia had this problem back in the 90’s, but fixed it so why can’t we? “From 1966 to 2012, nearly a third of the world's mass…show more content…
The reason behind most of the republican party blocking some sort of gun reform is because the National Rifle Association gives them money donations. They even have a report card on their website that gives congressmen a letter grade on how they feel about guns. “The NRA has donated $3,781,803 to members of Congress who are currently in office.” (Washington Post 1) Why would you vote against the organization that gives you money right? After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 kids and 6 adults were shot dead everyone thought that this gruesome shooting of children would finally be enough for law makers to pass gun reform legislation. Everyone thought wrong. The democrats filibustered and tried to get a bill passed, but they were no match for the NRA. They have a hold of too many republicans especially with a republican majority. It’s a shame to think that our lawmakers would take money over children’s’
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