Argumentative Essay: America's Fight For Freedom

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Freedom is never given. Everyday, many people fight for it, even people from our own country. There are may American soldiers overseas fighting to protect our freedom. Freedom is never just given to people, if one truly wants the be free, then one must be ready to fight for it. Freedom was never achieved by those simply wanting it, it was achieved by those who fought for it. Before Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, the African- Americans had already started working on gaining their freedom, they had begun peaceful protests and tried to convince the people that they deserved the same rights as white people. An excerpt from the I Have a Dream speech speech states, “The whirlwind of revolt will continue to shake the foundation…show more content…
Freedom is something everyone should be able to have, but it’s not something to be handed out on a silver platter. In the text Benjamin Bannekers Letter to Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin states that, “Further, I trust you believe that he hath given us all the same feelings and abilities, so that however different we are in situation or color, we are all of the same family.” (Benjamin Banneker) Everyone should be able to be free regardless of skin color, origin, or religion. Though that is very true, no one is truly free, someone is always paying the price. Currently, Americans are free due to soldiers fighting to protect our freedom. African- Americans only gained their freedom because they worked hard to achieve it. The Egyptians gained their freedom from the regime by fighting the regime. Not all situations call for the people to fight, but the ones that do, the people are ready for. In no situation ever in the history of the world, was anyone ever handed their freedom on a silver platter, they had to work for it and show that they were worthy of
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