Argumentative Essay: Are Guns Good Or Bad In America?

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Guns cause harm all around America; whether in schools or in our homes. They’re one of the leading causes of death; although, it is our right to have them and use them in a lawful manner. Guns affect many people in America; especially teenagers. There are teenagers all around America that are involved with gangs. These groups care a lot about pride and territory. They could resort to deadly actions, and try to get that person when they are least expecting it. ‘“Do you wish he had a gun?’ I asked. His father paused. ‘No, he still would have got killed’”(Young). In New Jersey, Gary Anderson was hanging out with his friends, on his porch, when all of a sudden a shower of bullets came down on him. He was then rushed to a hospital, and was pronounced…show more content…
There are also many facts saying that guns pose a threat to society, but not all of these are true. Guns have been part of this society since the first settlers came to America. Taking guns away from people is a major change, and people could respond poorly to this change. Since the 1700s, guns were used by everyone. Guns were used for hunting, sport, war, and even decoration. In 1791, guns were then established as a right, so everyone was allowed to have them, and no one could say otherwise. After many years, everyone recognised guns as something that anyone could own. Taking guns away from people, is like taking a part of their culture away, too. “‘...most gun ownership people do not appreciate Hillary Clinton. A lot of them don’t care for her at all, but there is always that fear that she is going to take our guns,’ said an owner of a rural gun range”(Gypson). People have always had the right to own guns, and having guns with them builds a sense of security. Taking guns away from people, who have been using them for over three hundred years, could make them respond poorly. Panic could rise, as a result of people feeling unsafe. Such a dramatic change could anger many American citizens, and this would be bad for how people view the

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