Argumentative Essay: Are Your Kids Doing Too Far?

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School athletics have always been a tremendous extracurricular activity, used to allow students to be involved at school. However when it becomes a requirement, it can be counterproductive to the student. Although some people believe that athletics should be required, the integration of mandatory athletics will set students up for failure. The requirement for participation in school athletics may solve the problem of childhood obesity. In a study lead by Nelson Toben, Toben states that “Participation in youth sport has a modest, positive association with adult physical activity and exercise habits.” Although this is true, not all children are athletes and this may set them up for failure in that given sport.. If students who are not good at sports participate, they will more than likely not see any playing time. This is just the reality of it. It will just take away from time they could be using for studying. Requirement of athletic participation will hinder student progression and they will fall behind students who aren’t in athletics. Kids who aren’t in athletics have more free time than students who are. It is up to the student to spent their time productively.
Time management is a concept that is
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However, in the article “Are Your Kids Doing Too Much?” by Tom Curry, he states that, “Many times as parents, we place our kids in a position of having too many choices and too much to do at one time” (8). Coming from a parent’s perspective we can see that even parents are realizing that there is too much pressure on their student. By not giving students the necessary free time, it adds more stress on the student. It can be overwhelming for students to do so much and have enough time for it all. Instead of requiring so much from them allowing them to enjoy their weekends will help the students refresh in time to kick it into high gear when school comes back
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