Argumentative Essay: Art Education Cuts In American Schools

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Art Education Cuts in American Schools

In a recent study taking place in 2008 we have discovered that eighty percent of schools nationwide have made budget cuts to their public education programs (Boyd 1).Why are eighty percent of public schools facing funding decreases and how are they cutting out arts programs to keep funds in education? Throughout America, school systems have decided to reduce the budget of or completely cut the art programs in public schools. (don’t know where to put this)
With the recent economic downturn in 2007-2009, states have made budget cuts in public K-12 education systems. With the statewide budgets being decreased, less money is available to be spread amongst the individual counties. Incorporating the lessened
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One major effect is the laying off of teachers. Narric Rome, a senior director at the non-profit organization, Americans for the Arts, has brought this fact to light: “The entire system is very unstable; teachers are laid off one school year and brought back the next, or most times not brought back at all” (qtd. In Will less art). The fact that teachers are losing their jobs not only brings down the school systems’ quality, but it also hurts the already struggling economy. The cuts in arts programs has had the greatest effect on the students. Without the arts programs students would miss out on the benefits of learning about art, drama, music, and foreign language. Some of the benefits they would be missing out on are the relieving qualities of art, the ability to express their emotions, and the advantages in the academic classroom. Studies have shown that having art or music does increase the amount of information a student retains (Hawkins 1). The most prominent positive effect are the core classes like math, science, English, and history will have larger budgets and they will be able to afford the technology and supplies they need to stay up to date in the classroom. One more benefit to cutting the arts from schools is that the individual student will have a large
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