Argumentative Essay: Ban On Homework?

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Argumentative essay: Ban on homework?

I 'm heading home on a typical wednesday, pretty worn out from a long day at school and a challenging practice. Its five thirty, and just as I settle down with a warm drink and intent for relaxation, an urging alarm triggers in my brain. Homework! Each day, beginning around six am, looks roughly the same for all students attending school. The routine: wake, hurry and get ready for school, go to school, spend eight hours in six different classes, go home, and complete the work assigned for the night, with, if one is lucky, maybe an hour or so left in the day for spare time. The workload can be anywhere from an hour, up to six. As a result, lots of issues stem from this. With many obligations and responsibilities, there need not be any added turmoil to the already highly demanding life of a teenager. Homework needs to be banned, or at least more restricted, for the sake of students and their family 's well being.

How much of our after school time do schools really own? This is a question that has been pondered on by students, parents, and teachers alike. The average workday of a laborer lasts about seven point seven hours, and the school day, generally seven. But, this does not include the additional average of three hours per day of assignments, study time, and homework all needing to be completed. This adds up to be around ten total hours of school related labor. Many holding careers or in the labor force would consider
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