Argumentative Essay: Banning The Morning-After Pill

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Some people may say that the Morning-After Pill is a form of abortion.This is usually the result of misinformation.There are two different types contraceptive pills and both are very different .There is the morning-after pill and the abortion pill.The morning after pill has been approved by the FDA it takes action in the body by delaying ovulation and it alters the transport of sperm .Recent studies show that this pill only prevents ovulation and fertilization and has no effect on implantation .While the abortion pill “Mifepristone” ends a pregnancy by blocking the hormone necessary for maintaining a pregnancy .The abortion pill which is completely differentiated from the morning after pill has a chemical called Misoprostol which causes the…show more content…
Since it is a very useful contraceptive and has many benefits to women.It seems like the fued over htis pil wil never end.Thankfully as of August 24.2006 the morning after pill is already being sold over the counter in almost any store.Instead of coming to conclusion it is imprtant for us to research and invetsiagte all aboiut emergency contraceptives the postives as well as the negatives. Only after doing this can one come really deny or accept the contraceptive.Banning the Morning-After Pill will have a negative impact on america.The banning of the Morning-After Pill will decrease economy majorly since many women rely on this product. .Before any further decisions and questioning are made it is important to think of women who are assaulted. These women benefit largely from this by being able to live freely after an assault and not worry about an unwanted pregnancy .No matter how hard a person can try and prevent pregnancy nothing is over one hundred percent preventative this is why the morning after pill should be kept a method that is available and should not be banned.The Morning-After Pill is truly a unique product that has helped many women all over america

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