Argumentative Essay: Barbie Is A Good Doll

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Barbie is a Good Doll When I was a little girl, I thought nothing dolls could let me so pleased as much as a Barbie doll. Barbie doll accompanied me to grow up, helped me to expend my horizon, sparked my imagination and independent, improved my aesthetic judgment and creativities, and promoted me to make more friends. However, such a good doll—Barbie has to bear all kinds of controversy: Barbie bashers treated it as a negative impact on the shape of like for young women, such as dieting and cosmetic; other criticized it as a toy being yielded too easily to the social trend or political corrections pressure. In proper perspective, Barbie is just a toy for young children, nothing more, mothing less. In my view, she is a good doll in my heart…show more content…
For a young kid like me, old outside world is strange world, but age and my home environment limit me to explore other places except for home and kindergarten. Nevertheless, Barbie doll’s different profession met my desire. For example, Barbie can become a president, astronaut, and scientist and so on. I was cautious about various professions, which trended me to ask my parents some questions about her work and read some books to learn about her jobs. Therefore, I widened my sight and enriched our life. Furthermore, Barbie doll grave a new impression that females can do anything if they want to do, which made me have more passions of growing and more expectation of my colorful and wide…show more content…
One day, I brought my Barbie doll to a park near my home and met some young girls who also brought their Barbie dolls. They noticed that my Barbie doll’s dress was special and they wanted. I invited them to my home and shared my works to them. After that, we became very good friends. We used our respective Barbie dolls to play dramas and had a fun time. Sometimes I cannot deny that Barbie has high emotion intelligent because she can get along with her relationships, friends, and pets. She was my good example. Barbie doll was like a bridge to connect me to others and communicate with

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