Argumentative Essay: Barbie Is Not A Doll

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Barbie is not a Doll For quite a long time, an innocent Barbie doll is attacked by a plenty of controversies. Why a child’s toy must sustain these criticisms about feminism, racialism, and nationalism? Apparently, Barbie has been regarded as a man rather than as a doll since she is three-dimensional pinup and has unrealistic and enviable women’s appearance as well as she possesses gorgeous clothes and all kinds of wealthy identity, which make Barbie become a wicked existence. Seemly it could bring young women a bad effect about recognition of beauty and worship of money. In fact, Barbie through her characters helps and teaches young women to learn about themselves, to expand their horizon, and encourage them to dream of the future. People need to change their angle to understand and analyze Barbie. There is no doubt that Barbie is a breakthrough in the field of due to real female feature and figure, which can help young women to understand gender and physiology. Although some people stress that Barbie’s stature is exaggerating, this shape can help young women directly feel about their body different with male. Barbie like…show more content…
Before I had Barbie, I only can play very traditional and boring game – playing house without any surprise. However, Barbie changed that situation because she has a group of stories that originally from her distinct occupation and I integrated into her mini world. I felt that I became the “God” instead of a child who must obey parents’ principle. I independent made up all kinds of story and Barbie was my important actress and partner. I can control Barbie’s world and I borrowed her world to show my thoughts. She aroused my creative and independent inspirit. At the same time, no matter Barbie meets what terrible situation, she always keeps smiling. Barbie use herself to express positive and optimistic, which also made me form a habit that keeping smiling when I face the

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