Argumentative Essay: Bartleby The Scrivener

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Argumentative Essay Bartleby the Scrivener is a story narrated from the perception of a Manhattan lawyer responsible for managing an interesting office. The center of this narrative is Bartleby, and it concentrates on the affiliation between him and the narrator who hires him to work in his office. There is not much clarity as to how the narrator finds Bartleby, but this is not an issue of concern until matters take a different direction. Bartleby is revealed as a good worker in comparison to other employees in the office that tend to show their faults like partly being excellent employees. The narrator requests to work on an ordinary job which is not completely relevant to copying, and instead of writing, he prefers to object. When confronted by the narrator about the issue and his reasons for declining the request, he says that he desires not to. After considering the happening for a long time, the storyteller moves his office to a different place to get rid of Bartleby. As the story split ends, Bartleby says no to eating, and he is seen starving himself to death. Various incidences in the story portray Bartleby as a hero who reveals his braveness in facing the unjust community by his authority and molding the conscience of the narrator. In his way, Bartleby is a god. Even though he is dead, his spirit is very much alive. Throughout his life, he fights with the rules of morality and fairness and this in addition to his spiritual conceit disturbs the narrator even after
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