Argumentative Essay: Benefits Of High School Sports

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If you had the chance to go to college for free because of a sports scholarship, would you take it? Or would you be scared that you might be hurt?This is a pretty obvious question, considering that college is growing more expensive by the year and kids need more exercise. There are so many more benefits to playing sports in highschool/college than not playing because you’re scared you’ll get hurt! Playing sports is a great way to be outside and exercise. Not only that, but also you have the chance to make many new friends on the field.Because of all of these factors, sports seem like a great way to have fun and become healthier at the same time! As stated by some sources, “We have an epidemic of obesity in this country, and sports is one of the best ways for kids to incorporate exercise in…show more content…
Also, a study from michigan shows “children who participate in sports have increased educational aspirations,closer ties to school and increased occupational aspirations in youth. It has been demonstrated, then, that school sports participation has a number of desirable Benefits.” Both of these researches show that sports are great for kids. Another positive research showed “outstanding high school coaches who were recognized for the character and citizenship building contributions to players we found that these individuals were highly successful (winning over 70% of their games). They stressed winning, but never put winning before the personal and educational development of their players. Instead, they maintained a strong 2 educational philosophy and did not just talk about building character in their players, but took daily actions to do so while at the same time pursuing excellence” this shows that no matter how much players want to win, they put their social lives and school grades first.Another

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