Argumentative Essay 'Black Lives Matter'

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The statement “Black Lives Matter”, in my opinion, is not to say other lives do not matter but to draw attention to all the senseless black lives being taken. Outraged and seriously concerned for my life, I have to be aware of my own surrounding because I am an African American. There does not seem to be any urgency in trying to solve what has become an epidemic. Day-by-day, there are incidents of blacks being killed, and it’s getting worst. Black lives are being taken by police officers and by citizens who call themselves vigilantes. Instead of taking the law into your own hands, citizens should call law enforcement to solve any issues. There are citizens that call themselves vigilantes such as the killing of Ricardo Sanes on January 14, 2014. A man named Claudius Smith suspected that Sanes was a burglar and that he had been having problems with burglaries and he felt that this unknown man was responsible for the incidents. In an article named “MetroWest shooting suspect claimed that he was attacked,” Claudius Smith admitted jumping a fence, armed with a .45- caliber handgun after seeing Sanes looking into apartment windows. Smith also admitted that he approached Sanes with his gun and that after Sanes started to walk away from him, he grabbed him to bring him back to his home…show more content…
In the same article, a man named Leroy Browning was shot and killed in Palmdale, CA when he was to be arrested for DUI. Leroy fled and after being caught up with, Leroy had officers in a bear hug and the officers claimed that Leroy was reaching for his gun and was then shot dead. Included in the same article, Jamar Clark was killed after being claimed that he was helping an assault victim. Even though being handcuffed and unarmed, Clark was shot and killed by Minneapolis, MN police
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