Argumentative Essay: Black Men Vs Black Women

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Shanice Williams ENC1101 Prof. Berzak 28th September 2015 Black Men vs. Black Women In the past, there were major differences between genders and races; but unfortunately it is still happening in today’s society. For example white people would have greater wage gap against African Americans, Hispanics and other ethnicities, making them having a greater Factor X. Factor X, explained by Frances Fukuyama, is “What the demand for equality of recognition implies is that when we strip all of a person 's contingent and accidental characteristics away, there remains some essential human quality underneath that is worthy of a certain minimal level of respect…” (Fukuyama 149). Basically he is saying that if one has higher qualities than another (ex.…show more content…
However, unfortunately, this actually false. It turns out that African American males triumphs over the women when it comes to job opportunities. For women that are 20 years old or older, during the recession, approximately 10.6% were unemployed and the males were 13.4% (Clark). It is sad to say that even though the men had a greater percentage of unemployment than women, when the economy started to recover African American women were still losing jobs while the males were regaining them. In addition to this, the women are not getting the top jobs they deserve not because they don’t work hard for it, it is because of gender bias. Take Hillary Clinton for an example, she has a professional doctorate degree, has been the First Lady for 2 terms and is still working in the white house but with all of these experiences people are still unsure if they want a woman to run the country. However, it is harder for an African American women not only for her race but because she is not a male which is the main gender that dominates in power. All in all, despite the fact that African American women are well qualified for the job they miss opportunities because of the perspective we have giving men the greater Factor
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