Argumentative Essay: Black Person Killed By Cop

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I feel as though every time I look up I see the same heartbreaking headline: Black Person Killed by Cop. It seems as if the unjustified killing will never end, and to make matters worse, our supposed protectors, the men in blue are not even being charged for the murder of these people, or if they do, the time they serve is little to nothing. We have all seen the videos, the evidence that would put anyone else in jail for quite some time, and yet these vile actions go unpunished. There have been far too many cases of police brutality and not enough justice for black citizens. The fear that black people cannot go on, and racial profiling must end so that we can live our lives in peace. On February 26, 2012, and unarmed 17-year old was shot and killed. Many of us know the story of Trayvon Martin, and how we killed because he looked suspicious. At the time, I was in eighth grade and I just didn’t understand how a grown man could get away with coldblooded murder of a teenage boy. I remember feeling so disgusted when they tried to paint the young black boy as some aggressive, pot smoking thug. When the jury did not convict Zimmerman with murder I believe my eyes were opened for the first time. The case had taken off my rose colored glasses and exhibited how the justice system really works.…show more content…
After participating in a high-speed car chase, King was beaten by four officers and after once they were done he had a fractured face bone, a broken ankle, multiple lacerations, brain damage, and broken teeth. With how hard they had beaten him, they should have at least got charged with assault, but instead three walked away and the fourth was acquitted. This was the first time the world had seen what the police force was capable of and the ruling left a bad taste in the black community
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