Argumentative Essay: Body Image In America

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Body Image In America.. How do you feel about the way you look ? Most people would say they wish they were skinny and that they need to lose weight . Some would look in the mirror and say they need a bigger butt or even implants . Society has it where it’s all about body image. Women have always been pressured to look a certain way from being a skinny model to even being plus sized . Growing up many people wanted to look like other famous women like cindy crawford . Then later on they made plastic surgery where you can differentiate the way your body looks and ever since then social media has been booming .Celebrities even have taken a role in it to stars from Kim Kardashian where she got butt implants . Even something as small as a nose job like Iggy Azalea. Body image is the subjective picture or mental picture of someone's own body . When you hear the 2 words “ Body Image “ most people think it’s relating to women but men change their bodies to . For example a guy named Nicholas Ryan 32 , spent over 5,000 dollars on botox and filler injections in an attempt to look like Ryan Gosling. He says he’s happy with the results and that Ryan Gosling gets the ladies now so can he . Somebody else that changed…show more content…
Self love starts with you and loving the way you look and how god made you . Someone that can add onto that factor is plus size model and a great example of body image shouldn’t matter is model Tess Holliday who wears a size 22 ( yes i said it ) . She’s already been named a top model for Italian Vogue and is continuously blowing others with her self confidence . She says she wanted to be a model out delusion her inspiration was from the first plus size model Mia Tyler and Em . It appealed to her then as she got older she wanted to do it more and more because there wasn’t anyone else in the media that was petite and bigger than a size

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